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The old adage “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves” seems to be the appropriate response to AXA’s research which shows seemingly innocuous costs such as tea bags and toilet roll looked at cumulatively brings the biggest surprise.  Also the unexpected amounts spent on stationery and printer ink.  Almost two thirds of employers asked admitted they don't look around to find the best prices, potentially resulting in thousands of pounds worth of unnecessary costs.

I was taken aback with a judge’s comment on Radio 4 this week - that although court fees have increased by as much as 600% that we should not be concerned because where judgment is granted then the court fees will be collected from the debtor so no problem.

I suspect we are all creatures of habit and I was reminded of this when a friend commented on my placing a bottle top in my pocket rather than discarding it as there were no litter bins around.  He wondered if this was an age thing.  Maybe it is, but it was the way I was bought up.

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