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After many years advising some of the biggest players in the collections industry, we realised that businesses often lacked the time, skills and resources to collect tehir outstanding accounts from slow paying customers.

Inevitably, they had to resort to traditional debt collection or the legal route to get paid. This action almost always resulted in destroying any ongoing relationship with their customer.

Businesses were crying out for a non-confrontational way to collect outstanding accounts before they became delinquent.

With this aim in mind, we founded Cashflow Protector®. We designed our service from the ground-up to be simple to use, low- cost, and web-enabled to allow clients to instruct us online whenever they wanted. It also had to work for accounts personnel as well as small business owners with no accounts knowledge.

The beauty of Cashflow Protector® is that the service we offer is the simplest yet most effective solution to the problem of late payment which so many businesses face.

Late payment of invoices and a lack of proper credit control can lead to serious cash flow issues, in some cases resulting in failure of the business – we stop that from happening.

Whether it is a one off chase or full credit control Cashflow Protector has a cost effective solution for you. 

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